Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Scott Brown Could Hurt Republicans

While the election isn't over, for the moment, I'm going to assume the polls are right and that Scott Brown will win the Senate race in Massachusetts, breaking the Democrats filibuster-proof 60 vote majority.

Scott Brown's election is a rejection by voters, not just in Massachusetts, but nationwide, of the leftist, socialist policies of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the democrats.

However, Americans are not heartily embracing Republicans, either.

In 1994, Americans overwhelmingly told Washington that they did not want a liberal socialist agenda. Clinton took that woodshed experience to heart and moved to the center in how he governed. Of course, he had to. He had to work with a conservative majority in Congress. Since that time, Republicans have held a majority in Congress, until 2006. They squandered that opportunity. Instead of being fiscally responsible and fixing many of the problems created by the democrats since they have been in charge of at least one house of Congress since 1948, they spent money bigger and faster than the democrats, only on their own agenda.

Americans are generally a generous and tolerant people. Except when you waste their money. And that's just what the Republicans had done.

Now, it's the Democrats turn. They have done what democrats do and what Americans don't want them to do. Only bigger and faster than the Republicans.

This spending spree, which has been going on, now, for decades has broken the bank and our current economic situation is the result. Wall Street knows this. Businesses know this. And they know that proposed legislation on health care and a host of other issues will result in higher taxes and other fees that, right now, businesses can't afford.

That's how Scott Brown could hurt Republicans.

With his election, the leftist socialist agenda of Obama and the dems is derailed. Preventing them from passing all sorts of socialist policies and programs will actually help stabilize the economy. Businesses will be more comfortable hiring again. The stock market will start to take a more bullish direction.

And who will take credit for "fixing" everything? Yep. The president gets the blame when things go bad, and takes the credit when things go well. With the election of a fiscally conservative president a year ago, we could have already been out of this mess and on the road to economic prosperity. Obama and the socialist Congress have KEPT us in this recession longer than necessary. Scott Brown, a freshman Republican Senator from Massachusetts could actually pull us out of the recession without enacting a single piece of legislation. And in doing so, he could prevent his own re-election and the election of numerous other Republicans across the nation.


Chuck January 19, 2010 at 6:08 PM  

I think the Dems are going to try to bull through their agenda still and that will hurt them. I think these people actually believe the public wants them to keep going.

If you listen to their talk in the last couple of days they are dismissing this as a bad campaign. I don't think it's putting up a front, I think they really believe it.

A Potted Plant January 20, 2010 at 12:00 AM  

Scott Brown favors government healthcare. That is his voting record in Massachusetts. So the Democratic Party may have the perfect scapegoat if their healthcare policies are enacted.

I believe the Democratic Party has hurt their brand in a fairly significant way; they ignored the voice of the masses for long enough to frighten many. That won't be easy to forget.

If the Republicans begin to behave like true Constitutional conservatives then they have a chance. Americans are always ready to believe... I just hope they believe its time to return to the Constitution.

Tonight is not the night to fret. Let tomorrow's worries be for tomorrow. And may God help us see the way.

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