Monday, January 11, 2010

Who Should Vote

Musings reports on a story from the Orlando Examiner that reveals something the Democrats know that the rest of us don't. Some of us on the right think that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the left are committing political suicide with policies and laws that take America down the path toward a socialist and totalitarian state.

We all know that Democrats seldom do things that are not in their own best interest. They have an agenda, but the top of the list in that agenda is to increase their power and influence.

What we don't know is that the democrats have a plan to pass "Universal Voter Registration." They are pushing legislation at the federal level that would override state laws and would require states to go through all welfare rolls, driver's license lists, property tax lists and essentially any other list that would have the names of residents on it, and register all of those people to vote.

The democrats know that those who are interested and concerned about what is going on in this country will register and vote. They also know that those who are more likely to vote democrat, including welfare recipients, drug users, and other low-life, are less likely to actually register and vote.

I don't have to spell out the implications of such a plot.

What I did want to bring to the table is what I consider a radical thought. It is my belief that people who do not pay taxes and people who do not pay attention to the election process should NOT have the right to vote.

In other words, if you don't have a vested financial interest in the nation, why should you choose who gets to spend our money? If your only interest is in GETTING something from government, of course, you'll vote for who gives you the most goodies, not for who is going to be fiscally responsible.

Furthermore, if you don't have a clue who the candidates are and what they stand for, why should you be allowed to vote for them? It amazes me how many people vote who don't have any idea what the platforms of the parties are or what the candidate the are voting for (or against) stands for. A simple test that would determine if a voter has even a very basic understanding of what the issues are and where the candidates stand would go a long way toward improving the voting process.

Yes, these ideas would be unpopular. It seems to be accepted wisdom that in our democracy, everyone should vote. The more the better. The more, the fairer.

I disagree, and I think the founding fathers also disagreed. If you remember back to your history/government classes, the founding fathers did not allow everyone to vote. Only the male head of household voted. And land owners were represented in the process to a greater degree than non-land owners. (i.e. taxpayers got a larger representation).

While this may seem unfair in many ways, it seems to me that if you want to take part in the political process and in what the government is doing, you should have as a minimum, at least two responsibilities: 1. Take part in what the government is doing by paying taxes. and 2. have an understanding of what is going on.


WoFat January 11, 2010 at 12:38 PM  

I think your idea is splendid, but it will be called racist by the nay-sayers. It isn't especially racist but the democrats (I just can't bring myself to use a capital letter for those mopes) get great milage out of that word. Means most anything.

African-Americans seem to be making quite an effort to vote for those who will work for them. Unlike many other racial groups, who couldn't care less. I point your attention to all the idiot Republicans who refused to vote, so as to punish Bush. They carry their brains in an Easter Basket.

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