Friday, March 26, 2010

Calls For Special Prosecuter To Investigate Bribery

Representative Darrell Issa (R)-CA, has called for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Representative Sestak’s (D)-PA claim of an Obama White House bribery attempt. Sestak alleges that the White House offered him a top federal spot to drop out of a Primary race with sometime Democrat, sometime Republican and full time Harpy, Arlen Specter.

The call for independent review should be welcomed by those who are disgusted by the back alley deals, tax cheating cabinet members, and a whole host of ethical issues that plague the Democrat Party and the Obama White House in particular. From payoffs to Senators to Viagra maintenance for Sex Offenders, The Left and Obama have forced America to accept and in the future even pay for things that are not only against the mainstream, but also unconstitutional. Given the way the Democrats ran roughshod over their own Party to force reluctant members to ignore their constituents, it makes sense to have someone outside of the Obama-Pelosi-Soros cabal ascertain just how much credence to place in Sestak’s claims.

Credibility is the real problem here. On the one hand, Obama denies any deal was offered, while Sestak insists it did. On the other hand both folks have shown a willingness to bold face lie to the American people and their constituents in passing a very controversial bill which violates the Constitution. The lies and deception surrounding the Democrats handling of this Bill demands an honest review. But who to do it?

Patrick Fitzgerald, when it was fashionable to be in the Special Prosecuting business, made a dog’s breakfast of the “Libbygate” investigation. Guided by partisanship and ambition (while never proven, it was rumored he was angling for an AG spot in a Kerry Administration), he was a lousy choice to investigate fairly. In the end nothing was ever proven about the initial allegations, and after Kerry’s defeat in 2004, interest dropped in the case. Libby was sideshow and once the big show ended, Election 2004, Fitzgerald went back to Chicago. Chicago? Imagine that.


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