Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh the Irony

By now, we've all had time to read and digest the stories coming out about the Global Warming hoax/conspiracy. Recently, NASA has joined the list of global warming research institutions that has conspired to hide real climate change data in hopes of keeping the theory of man-made global warming alive.

The more this scandal unfolds, the more I'm stunned at the scale of it. I'll admit that I was buying into the "climate change" theory (though not the part about it being man made and all America's fault) simply because I thought the data suggested that the climate was changing and that too many scientists were saying that this was the case. It never dawned on me that a conspiracy this big would be possible to pull off for this long.

This shouldn't be a matter of questioning science, but rather the subject of an international racketeering investigation that should encompass thousands of scientists and researchers, grant writers, scientific advisors and politicians, up to and including current heads of state and activists such as Al Gore. It would seem to me that if individuals in the investigation knew about or were manufacturing, manipulating or falsifying data that were being used to determine the laws and policies of nations and the international community, then those colluding would be guilty of something akin to crimes against humanity, or treason against their own nations.

Is this overstated? I don't think so. Entire economies would have been (and are being) drastically and fundamentally altered by suggestions made by these perpetrators, affecting the lives of billions of people far more profoundly than espionage; even as profoundly as terrorism and major wars.

What I find Ironic is that most of those perpetrating this hoax are extreme leftists who decry capitalism, and they have been using the global warming conspiracy to try to tear down corporations and entities who make money producing wealth that the rest of us may enjoy. It is the very creation of wealth that these people hate. And yet they have, by all appearances, perpetrated the myth of global warming . . . for money, greed and the pursuit of power and influence; the very things that they claim to hate.


Elizabeth McKenzie December 3, 2009 at 11:47 AM  

Natural climate change is a way of life. I've always excepted that there are changes happening in the weather, you can see that with your own weather changes through the years. Look at the ice age, how it ebbs and flows.

I don't thing God's long term plan was to put us here then fry us in our own marinade and I resent those who do. Besides, if it is the end of the world, nothing man can do will change that. But then you have to believe in what's his name.

I'm with you. There was a time when I was buying in to global warming, but I was doing my part by being somewhat green. I'm to the point, now where I want to throw away pop cans just for spite.

It's horrifying to realize what man will do to his own kind in promoting his own wealth and to make people the culprits of this hoax is shameless when the real culprits are the ones balking at the very things that have made them successful, all the while, destroying it for everyone else.

The left seems fond of shooting themselves in the foot and cutting their noses off to spite their face.

I could go on and on, for there is no end to my contempt for these people.

Are we all like this to some degree? Probably, but not to the nth degree like they are.

Thanks for your post, it was certainly thought provoking.

Chuck December 3, 2009 at 6:00 PM  

I agree. If we find that they did indeed manipulate data, this seems to rise to the level of fraud. One thing that is ignored in all of this is how much money Gore has made off of this scam.

WoFat December 3, 2009 at 8:37 PM  

Does no one ever understand that NO email is sacrosanct? The only way to destroy email, really destroy in, is to destroy - and powder - the hard disk. I'm told that the CIA uses some very nice eraser programs, but I have my doubts that they're perfect.

It's interesting that some of the lame stream media won't cover the email news. Nazi Pelosi wants the leaker to be tarred and feathered and the truth ignored. But, then again, she's a democrat.

Sober Sentinel December 5, 2009 at 12:08 AM  

I think this should be a wake-up call to us all. If they can succeed in conspiring to doctor the data, in order to advance a policy agenda (presumably without prodding from an outside entity), what will happen when partisan and governmental entities begin applying pressure to scientists to produce studies that support a given conclusion? (Think about the effect of partisan members of the current administration bullying scientists to publish findings supportive of policies desired by the administration.)

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