Monday, September 21, 2009

Health Care Is About Control

In every country that has employed some version of “universal healthcare”--which is neither health “care” nor universal--the Left ALWAYS remains in control.

Despite any and all so-called “conservatives” who may seem to regain a portion of power, the controlling interest is on and from the Left from the day that these programs are pushed down the throats of the people. This is because of the huge ongoing entitlements that government-run healthcare brings (having little to nothing left, the peons want to hang on to it) and the huge revenue that lines the pockets of the perpetual perpetrators of these crimes against the people.

Consider Medicare as a perfect example. For 200 years in this country, seniors got along fine without Medicare. In the 1960's Medicare was enacted. Any politician who even dreams of cutting Medicare, let alone suggests abolishing it altogether, ends his political career right then and there.

We already know the horrors that HR 3200 will bring to the country--and us--should it be placed into law. Obama ran from us when we showed up in Washington D.C. on 12 September. But, now the Senate via Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) is proposing “co-ops” that would also, due to the inherent government power over insurance companies and We-the-People contained in this new version, bankrupt and completely manage and restrain us. This new Baucus draconian measure pretends it’s not run by the New Marxist Government while it forces us to buy health insurance and then levies massive fees on both private health insurance companies and their consumers--that’s us, folks.

Co-op as it’s currently being used is just another name for totalitarian control, and is a back door ... no, really it's a front door ... to a completely government run single payor "universal" health care system.


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