Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Should Be in Obama's Lesson to School Children

With all the controversy surrounding the address to children on Tuesday, we all know what Obama will say. This will be an "I told you there would be nothing controversial in the speech" speech. He'll tell kids to work hard and stay in school.

But what should Obama say?

He should tell them the truth. He should tell them about the America he is trying to create.

He should tell them that they don't need to study in order to get a good job in order to have a nice home or a nice car. The government will take care of that. The government will provide them with homes and food and transportation. Besides, he's trying to do away with cars, anyway.

He should tell them that they don't need to work hard to get a good job in order to provide for their own health care. The government will take care of that. There's no need to bust your butt and work hard for your health's sake. In a society as "rich" as ours, we should just give health care to everyone.

He should tell children that they don't need to work hard and get a good job so they can get ahead in life. The government is going to tax success. The government is going to take away from those who succeed in life in order to give the wealth to those who have made poor choices and haven't prepared themselves for success.

He should tell children that they don't need to work hard and stay in school so they can provide for their families. The family unit is an outdated construct of a Judeo-Christian society. Today, people can just live together and raise children without any structure or value system. It doesn't matter if you are homosexual or transgendered or screwed up in some other way. Just ask the government for help and they will give you whatever you need.

Instead of being honest with children, though, he's going to give them a "work hard and stay in school speech." That's because we need more taxpayers to pay the debt the government is running up trying to pay for everything for everyone.


nacilbupera September 7, 2009 at 11:58 AM  

We are really impressed with your BOLDNESS in demanding Obama speak the truth about who he is! He has craftily masked his Communistic aspirations, distancing himself only when absolutely necessary (ie Jeremiah Wright).

He shouldn't just say he wants to "fundamentally change" America but that he loves and admires the communist radicals.

plainolebob September 8, 2009 at 6:52 AM  

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Josh September 8, 2009 at 7:27 AM  

Great piece. I agree. Obama should, for once, tell the truth. Especially if he's speaking to our children.

But, per Obama's socialistic utopian dream, the well will run dry eventually. I think he needs to pick about 20 kids from every school, put them in a separate classroom, and let Biden give them a speech about working hard to succeed in life.

That way, the motivated kids will grow up to be the top 1-5% that all the others who heard Obama's speech will suck from.

Gotta keep that cycle going!

(On an unrelated note, I have a crazy verification word to type in! doozygiyta!)

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