Monday, September 21, 2009

Waist-Deep In Corruption

While the ObamaCamp and many Democrat leaders continue to desperately search for hiding places from the latest outing of ACORN as an organizational nut that is rotten to the core, Obama continues to remain mum on the issue. But, then Obama has been at least waist-deep in ACORN’s corruption for almost two decades. And what might actually come from both the US Senate and House of Representatives calling for a real investigation of Obama’s ACORN? Possibly nothing. Still, there is every indication that the Dictator-in-Chief may veto any and all requests for investigations. After all, it was Obama who ordered the June 2009 investigation of ACORN stopped in its tracks. Or, either the House or Senate could actually remove the investigation wording when the resolution goes to behind-closed-doors committee meetings. This is how corrupt our Congress has become.

To reiterate previous columns, as well as the addition of new incriminating-to-Obama information, our Dictator-in-Chief has been involved with ACORN for years and even taught its members some of the same bullying and intimidation thug-tactics the organization uses today. Despite continuing ObamaLies, Obama DID train ACORN in multiple aspects of community organizing.

Obama taught the organization how to bully and intimidate banks into making very risky mortgage loans to people who could not afford to buy a house. This was exacerbated by Democrats in Congress (most notably Rep. Barney Franks (D-MA), Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) and former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines) who appear to have used both Fannie Mae and Freddie MAC as one of the Democrats’ (New Marxist Party‘s) personal slush funds. To their credit, Republicans had for years been attempting to gain more oversight over both pf these institutions. Democrats in Congress blocked them. Both Fannie Mae and Freddie MAC went bankrupt and were the seminal cause for the financial disaster in which the US--if not the world--currently finds itself embroiled.

ACORN’s continued tactics of intimidation, the creation of never-ending chaos (the tyrant’s best friend), criminal activity and its attempts to fatally damage all aspects of the US Republic, have been and are still being employed as tools in the overall strategy to bring the USA to its ultimate destruction and demise. Then, the Marxist takeover that is currently occurring in the USA will be complete. There will be the ruling Marxist “Haves”--those who have stolen all of our freedom, liberty and our money--and the “Have Nots.” Those are the rest of us.


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