Thursday, September 24, 2009

School Children Sing Praises to Obama

Close your eyes and imagine the following scenario: A group of children at a public school are gathered in a gymnasium. They are learning a new song. This song that they are learning extolls the praises of President George W. Bush. It has several verses quoting things that Bush has said he would do as President and the song teaches the children to revere not only Bush but to regard highly the specific things that he has laid out as part of his agenda.

How do you suppose such a song taught in a public school would have been received by the Leftist media, the ACLU, the NEA and .... well, just about every other leftist group and organization in the country. In fact, I suspect there would have been a lot of conservatives and conservative organizations that would have been concerned about that situation. I know I would have been.

By now, if you follow conservative blogs, you've probably seen the video I linked above in which school children at a public school are singing the praises of Barack Hussein Obama. It reminds me of Sunday School songs that I was taught as a child. I still remember those songs. Those songs have a way of sticking with you, and as a child, you accept the truth in the songs.

This is scary. This is creepy.

Much of the talk of Obama as a messiah or savior, or as "The One" comes from conservatives who are exaggerating some of the adulation that Obama received, particularly during the campaign of '08. This is no longer "exaggeration." This sort of thing is reminiscent of Hitler's Germany. I know people hate making comparisons of anyone else to Hitler. I do, too. But can you think of another comparison for this kind of thing?

Our nation is in serious trouble.


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