Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Van Jones: Gone

Van Jones is old news.

Timing is everything in politics. Van Jones being "outed" as a "Truther" as well as a radical communist could not have come at a better time for the administration, if he had to be outed at all. While the story played out, the nation was enjoying its Labor Day holiday away from the news. By the time the Sunday Morning pundit programs aired, America was at the lake having a beer, and now, Tuesday morning, the story is out of the media. On to other things.

To me, the one thing that is missing in the conversation is the fact that there was no failure of the vetting process. Many pundits that I have seen have complained "What happened to the vetting process?"

Van Jones was vetted. He was exactly what Obama had in mind for his "Green Jobs Czar;" a community activist cut from the same mold as himself.

What Jones did was adjust the focus of the same "career" he always had - that of radical left-wing activist - to focus on pushing the latest fashionable excuse for all the same policies the left has always wanted.

The "revolution" Jones (and Obama) seeks would re-order the entire economy to take state control of private wealth and redistribute it to the hapless proletariat. This is the same agenda the Democratic Party has embraced for a generation. They've been trying to sell poverty and health care as excuses to do this since the 1960's. In many ways, the anti-war movement was (and is) about wanting to re-allocate the Pentagon budget for social do-gooder programs administered by agencies and groups that employ many of the radicals pushing the agenda.

Now the environment is the "cause du jour" to impose massive new taxes and regulations on an industry.

It's all to accomplish the same thing. That's why Jones the civil-rights activist became Jones the environmental activist. Every problem that has ever existed is solved by massive taxes and government regulation, and Jones knew how to pivot from issue to issue while really pursuing the same end goal.

What this does is reveal more about Obama, his priorities and his administration than he wants to be revealed. You can bet that all the rest of re czars are on the same page. The only difference is, their "Truther documents" have yet to be found.


Soloman September 8, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

There are some who have been slightly exposed.

Cass Sunstien, Mark Lloyd, and some others will soon gain more time under the spotlight.

The more is exposed about each individual, and the more individuals exposed, the more the light will truly begin to shine where it is most needed - on Obama himself.

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