Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Sometimes when you stay up late at night your mind drifts in directions it would not normally go. Such was the case when I wrote my blog entry dated August 30 entitled "How to Destroy America."

That entry seems to have struck a nerve. I've gotten more comments on it than any other entry I've ever put on this blog, and it's still getting comments four days later.

That entry was actually composed around and just after midnight on Saturday night. Had I known it was going to create a "mini-firestorm," I might have actually put more effort into it. I wrote most of the entry just randomly as the thoughts came to mind, although the entry that exists now contains a few additions and edits suggested by the comments it has received. (If you've only read it once, you might want to scan through it again for additions.) I probably should have put it in a word processor, organized the thoughts better and then posted it.

Often when I'm up past midnight (and not out on the town) it's for studying. Of course, sometimes I come back in from a night on the town and can't get to sleep right away. That's when I cruise the net and these sorts of thoughts come to mind.

The primary reason for this entry is to direct anyone who has not read that entry to check it out. In retrospect, it's one of my better posts. I seldom go back and re-read my own entries, but this one I have gone back to a couple of times.

I also want to use this entry to once again thank my regular readers and commenters for your support of this blog. With Congress and Obama on vacation, the news has been a little slower lately, so the number of posts have decreased in the last few days, but I'm sure before long, they will pick up again. Keep up the fight. I'm not convinced we (conservatives) will win, but without a fight we will certainly lose.


Red September 3, 2009 at 10:56 AM  

Keep on keeping on girl!

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