Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When Is a Tax Not A Tax?

No new taxes on the middle class.

That was the promise made by Obama during the 2008 campaign. And it's going to be a hard one to deliver on. Especially, since Congress has passed and Obama has already signed new taxes that will affect the middle class.

Or are those "taxes"?

The cigarette tax isn't really a tax on the middle class. It's a tax on cigarettes. Besides, it's voluntary. You can't count a voluntary tax as a tax on the middle class. The same reason that a future tax on soda pop and fast food wouldn't be a tax on the middle class. It's a tax on cigarette smokers and people who indulge in unhealthy behaviors. Much the same way that state lotteries are a tax on people who don't understand statistics.

Cap and trade? Not a tax on the middle class. It's a tax on big business who will pass the cost along to the peons who are stupid enough to buy things that the tax affects. Like electricity. And gas. And ... well, anything that is manufactured or transported to market. Or sold in stores. Just don't buy that stuff and Cap and Trade won't affect you.

But Sunday morning, Obama was challenged regarding his promise and the health care proposals that are floating around. Specifically, the Democrats want to force everyone to participate in health care by taxing those who do not participate.

Excuse me, I said "taxing". It's not a tax.

By now, you've seen the replays of the George Snufalupagus interview in which he denied that it would be a tax. I won't re-write the transcript here. I will, however, give you a "translation:"

Snufalupagus: If you tax people who do not participate in the health care system, isn't that a "tax?"

Obama: No, of course not.

GS: But you're taking money out of the pockets of taxpayers and putting it in the government coffers to use....

BO: Excuse me. They aren't taxpayers. They are "non-participants." And racists.

GS: But Merriam Webster's Dictionary calls it a tax. It says right here, "A tax is ...."

BO: Now see, if you have to go to the dictionary, that means that you think it isn't a tax. Therefore it isn't a tax.

GS: But your critics say it's a tax.

BO: They're all racists. Just ask Jimmy.

So the president says it isn't a tax. George Snufalupagus is confused about whether it's a tax or not. The rest of the leftist media doesn't care if it's a tax or not, because they didn't even aks the question.

So, is it a tax, or isn't it?

I guess that depends on what the definition of "is" is.


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