Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Democrats Can Do No Wrong

Ever since Bill Clinton it seems that the only people who can do wrong are Republicans who at least talk about doing the right thing.  It seems that when one is a liberal one can jettison morality and decency and thus not commit the ultimate sin: being hypocritical by having advanced any moral standards and then failed to live up to them.  It would appear that Democrats hate Hypocrisy almost as much as tax cuts. 

William Jefferson Clinton can do Monica in the Oval Office again and again and get grown up adults to BELIEVE that it was not sex because a legal dictionary omitted oral acts as sex and that he didn’t lie because the word “is” is ambiguous, and that his sex life is not relevant in a sexual harassment law suit in which he is the DEFENDANT!!!!!

Now we have the Emperor of Illinois who is determined to hang on to power and to award patronage to his loyal toddies in the face of unanimous opposition from the democrat party and every decent citizen of Illinois and the nation.  The Governor is Clintonian in his belief that he can flaunt his power like Capone, Ignore the voters and rule his empire like a Chicago Politician, and hold his head high like a member of a party that has no standards of decent behavior at all.  If we ever mint a three dollar bill we should put Clintons Portrait on the front of the bill and the winning smile of the foul mouthed crook Blogo on the back!

I understand that democrats have jettisoned any sense of morality on the grounds that they don’t, as lawmakers tasked with governing our society, want to impose their views of right and wrong on people because that would be wrong.  At least that’s what most democrats seem to believe.  Who dares accuse Clinton or Blogo of wrongdoing because they have no right to impose their views of right and wrong on others!  How dare they!  Don’t confuse a democrat by observing that the job description of law makers like senators, congressmen and governors or even Presidents is to make laws that are always in imposition of their views of right and wrong on society.  Every law from the tax code to the stop sign at the end of your block is about a values statement that lawmakers have imposed on our society.  It is the job of legislators and government to codify right and wrong in our society and they have the power and the obligation to enforce adherence to such impositions of right and wrong.

According to the Chicago Sun Times the Governor will appoint Roland Burris to fill the empty Senate chair of President Elect Barack Obama.  Mr. Burris has been a former state Comptroller and Attorney General and is evidently the winner in the Senatorial Sweepstakes that Blago attempted to auction off to the highest bidder.  Is it right to castigate and denounce Mr. Burris for accepting the appointment to this seat from a corrupt governor accused of auctioning off US Senate Seats for his personal gain? 

You betcha!

No honorable man would allow Blogo make an appointment like this on their behalf in direct contravention of decency and honor and integrity.  Apparently Mr. Burris doesn’t care if he’s made to look and act the fool for taking this appointment and thus ending his mediocre career in government.  Burris is 71 years old and would be in for a 6 year ride that will long outlast the corrupt governor who appointed him.  When he’s 77 he can quit having the capstone on his career be the mockery of law, public service and even the intelligence of the most jaded political junkies.


robert verdi December 30, 2008 at 2:35 PM  

of course not, any dem caught in a scandal its either a tragedy or he was crazy. Republicans its a culture of corruption.

Anonymous,  December 30, 2008 at 3:14 PM  

You are so right on so may points.

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