Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Beginnings

I'm going to stray a little from my normal format.  I try to avoid blogging about my personal life, choosing instead to focus on politics and things related to politics.  Today I'm going to start my "New Year's Resolutions."  

Most years, I don't even make a list of New Year's Resolutions.  I generally figure, if something is worth doing, why wait until New Year's Day to get started?  But lately, I've been thinking a few goals for this year might be a good thing for me.  

So, here goes....

1.  Visit someplace I've never been.  I haven't travelled a lot in my few years on this rock, and I need to see a few more things.  I'm not sure yet where I'll visit, but I plan on seeing some part of America that I haven't seen before.  Any suggestions?

2.  Become more environmentally conscious.  I don't swallow all the global warming crap, but at the same time, I think it's a a good idea for us to be aware of our impact on our environment.  Nothing drastic.  But I plan on re-using things that I can reuse or recycle instead of throwing things away in the trash.  I'll turn of lights that I don't need, and not waste water or gas or electricity unnecessarily.

3.  Be better informed.  Most people my age pay no attention to the news or the economy.  I want to be on top of these things.  I think I'm well on the way.

4.  Keep this blog going.  I had been thinking about blogging for some time.  The election finally gave me the impetus to take the plunge.  However, I have a tendency to start things, go for a while, then get distracted and move on to something else.  I think this blog is important.  Not so much for anyone else, but it helps me to fulfill resolution #3:  Stay informed. 

5.  Be open-minded.  Not open-minded like liberals.  I've met many people on the left who are so open-minded their brains fall out completely.  That is to say, in the name of open-mindedness, they are willing to accept and embrace any idiotic theory or idea that comes along.  No, I just want to listen critically to what people whom I disagree with are really trying to say. 

6.  Visit my grandparents more.  They won't be here forever.

7.  Read more about America's History.  Particularly our early history.  I fear we are moving farther away from what made this country great.  I'd like to know more about those who shaped this country and made it what it is today.

8.  Deepen my spirituality.   Pray more.  Read the Bible more.  Any relationship requires work.  This is one that is worth working on.

That's all I have so far.  I may add more.  I may not.  But this seems to be a good start.

I wish everyone who stops by to read this a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


robert verdi December 29, 2008 at 7:58 AM  

good list, most of those things you can do, it just takes time.

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