Monday, December 29, 2008

More Humor from the MainStreamMedia

What do you suppose is the most important and significant event of the last 9 years?  

If you ask me, the terrorist attacks on the twin towers is the only event that could even be considered for the top spot on that short list.  The attack on America led to the toppling of two governments, an explosion of unrest and eventually the near-collapse of the world's economy.

But ask the world's Press Corps, and you'll get a different answer.

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - President-elect Barack Obama has eclipsed all other contenders to clinch the top news spot so far this century.

A worldwide media survey released on Monday shows that coverage around Obama's successful bid to become the next American president was written about twice as often as any other news event since the turn of the century.

"Obama was unprecedented. He has captivated the world," said Paul Payack, president of the Global Language Monitor, which conducted the survey.  (story...)

Of course.  How could I have not picked the election of an African American Democrat to the office of the Presidency?  He's the Messiah.  He's going to save the world.  He'll bring world peace, fix the economy and prevent the polar ice caps from melting.

I should have known.


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