Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Aren't In America, Anymore

In case nobody has noticed, our nation is not the America that the early settlers came here for, nor the America that the colonists fought the revolutionary war for.  That America is gone.  It no longer exists.  Anywhere.  Instead, we have evolved into what those people fled from and fought against.

America was founded, from the earliest pilgrims to those who drafted and passed the constitution, on two principles, primarily.  The first was religious freedom.  More specifically, the freedom TO worship God, not the freedom FROM the worship of God.  The second principle was economic freedom, or more specifically, the freedom from excessive taxation and government intervention in business and economic affairs.  To deny this is the be a history revisionist.  Lest we forget, the Boston Tea Party was a tax revolt.  Today, it seems almost ironic that one of the most "conservative" acts in our long history took place in what is now a liberal stronghold.  

No longer do we have these freedoms that early Americans died for.  And what little we have of them is rapidly disappearing.

The freedom from oppressive taxation has been eroding since the days of FDR.  The American public, generally speaking, is oblivious to how much it is being taxed.  So many of our taxes are hidden from us that we simply accept them as a part of life.  Income taxes, Social Security Taxes, Fica, Unemployment taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, cigarette taxes, property taxes, and on and on the list goes.  The numbers vary, but some Americans pay well over half of everything they earn to the government in one form of tax or another.   It's time for a new Tea Party.

And during this Christmas season, we are reminded once again, that Christianity is no longer welcome in society.  Sure, we still see secular expressions of "the holiday season".  And, of course, business wants to capitalize on the commercial aspects of Christmas.  But when was the last time you saw a public Nativity?   Or a Christmas special that actually mentioned the birth of Christ?  

I thought so.

I haven't time to mention all the ways in which the freedom to publicly display our Christian heritage has been taken away from us.  But it is important to note that private worship will soon be restricted as well.  As soon as the gay rights groups get the government on board with the idea that they should be treated just like a racial minority (and they will), watch out.  Churches across this country that do not accept gay members or gay pastors will be shut down, either by imposing restrictions, or by nailing the doors shut.

Unfortunately, there is no "New World" that those of us who would like to have these freedoms back can flee to.  So we're stuck on the path we're heading down ... in a handbasket.


Me December 31, 2008 at 8:04 AM  

I guess a good solution would be to round up the extremist Liberals and relocate them all to the far Northeast states. They can live anywhere from New York to the tip of Maine and be as atheistic as Michael Newdow and Jack Black wanna get, and they can tax themselves silly to pay for free gay marriages for everyone. They just can't come out of those states.

And if they make too much noise up there, we turn off the power grid. Since they won't burn coal or oil and fear nuclear power, let them all try to stay warm on Ted Kennedy's hot air.

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