Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freedom of the Press in Iraq

The shoes had hardly left the hand of the Iraqi who tossed them at President Bush during the Baghdad press conference yesterday when the leftwing blogosphere began cheering him as some sort of hero. The incredible success of the Surge in Iraq has been very frustrating for the left. Along with Joe Biden they claimed that the Surge could never work. Problem was that it worked. That is why they have been so silent recently on the topic of the Iraq. The complete turnaround there has been much too embarrassing for them to mention Iraq very much...until now. The shoes tossed by that Iraqi journalist let loose a river of pent up frustration in the form of hailing the shoe tosser.

The comments from the left range from the mild (mostly wishing Bush hadn't ducked) to encouraging others to do harm, or worse to our President.

I'm glad we have such a tolerant loving group of people looking out for our best interests.  The left always complains about the mean-spirited, hateful folks on the right.  Yet, never has there been such a public display of downright hatred in American politics (at least in my lifetime) as there has been over the past eight years against President Bush.  

I wonder what kind of reaction we'll see from the left if Obama receives the same sort of treatment.  When people start publicly calling for others to do harm or to do in President Obama, will the left be standing up for "free speech" or will the cry fowl?  I doubt we'll see the same sort of glee when (not if) Obama has some crazies go after him.

So Americans, the next time you see Barack Obama, don't just give him the finger.  Give him your shoes.  Let's see what kind of reaction you get.


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