Thursday, February 26, 2009

Byrd Cautions Obama

Senator Robert Byrd, the longest-serving member of the Senate and a poster child for term limits, apparently sent a letter to Obama this week, warning him against an executive branch "power-grab".  In the letter, Byrd cited pervious administrations and cautioned that the many "Czar" posts that Obama is creating will be led by people who are not confirmed by the Senate, and yet they will form and influence major policies.

Byrd is right that Obama is grabbing as much power as he can, while he can, for his administration.  Byrd is also right that Obama is intentionally avoiding the required Constitutional checks and balances that Senate confirmation provides.

What is even more interesting is two points I haven't seen mentioned:

1)  Depending on who is reporting, this story is being spun as "Byrd sends a polite reminder to Obama" or as "Byrd chastises Obama for Power Grab."   (They report, they decide.)


2)  This really is a territory fight between the Senate (Byrd) and Obama.  We all know that anyone Obama appoints to anything will be confirmed by the Senate who still wants to be perceived as working with (kissing the butt of..) Obama.   But they want everything to go through them.  They want the power, the attention, and frankly, they want the perception that they are the "most important" branch of government.  Congress has been on the biggest power grab of our nations history over the past few decades, trying to re-write the Constitution while circumventing it. 

Pot ... meet kettle.

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