Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Emperor's New Economic Stimulus Package

I was just thinking about the cost of stimulating the economy.  $1.3 trillion dollars, at this point, with interest.  More is likely to come.  And 1.3 trillion is only for the "Stimulus Package," not for any additional government spending or programs that are likely to come down the pike this year or in the next four years.

One Point Three Trillion, with a 'T', Dollars.

That's $1,300,000,000,000.

That, my loyal readers, is a lot of zeros.

This package is, in many ways, a reward for failure.  The automakers, the financial institutions and various other companies are being given billions of dollars because they spend money on things like a $50,000 private bathroom for the CEOs office and private jets and trips for the executives to expensive spas, and they are unable to pay enough attention to the businesses they run to see that they make even a small profit.

Meanwhile, hard-working Americans and successful small businesses are asked to foot the bill. 

Remember the story of Robin Hood?  Monte Python did a parody sketch based loosely on Robin Hood in which a do-gooder on horseback stole from the rich and gave to the poor.  In the Monte Python version, their Robin Hood (named Dennis Moore) initially stole bouquets of flowers from the rich and gave them to the poor.  A nice gesture, but the poor got tired of the flowers and asked for valuables; jewelry, china, furniture, etc.  Eventually, the hapless Dennis Moore stole everything from the rich and gave it to the poor so that the poor were now rich and the rich were now poor.  The song accompanying the sketch contained the line:  "He stole from the poor and gave to the rich; stupid b*tch."   Upon realized what he had done, he remarked "This redistribution of the wealth is more difficult than I thought." 

I suspect Obama will find out the same thing.

He has already stated in his campaign that he intends to redistribute the wealth.  He will find it more difficult than he initially though.  However, unlike Dennis Moore in the Monte Python sketch, who agonized over the issue before finally coming up with a humorous solution, I suspect Obama will not really care.  Not as long as he pleases his liberal base.  

And the reason he won't really care is because the whole point is not to have a fair tax/spend/redistribution system.  The whole point is to grab and retain power for secular humanist liberal Democrats.  I don't believe for a minute that the Democrats in congress and in the Obama Administration care nearly as much about "fixing" the economy as they do about retaining power.   Granted, they see fixing the economy as a possible key to retaining power.  But even if the economy struggles for the next decade, or even the next generation, if they can use this opportunity to increase government power, institute socialized health care, increase abortions, remove all remnants of religion from public life, secure gay marriage laws, and advance a whole host of additional liberal policies, then they will hang the "Mission Accomplished" banner, in spite of what happens to the economy.

So when this stimulus package fails (because it really isn't a stimulus package at all), expect another one to follow.  And the next one will contain just as many liberal pork projects as this one. 

Because that's really the whole point.


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