Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reich Accuses Republicans of having Ulterior Motives

I don't typically read the blog by this liberal hack, but I ran across the blog dated Monday of this week, by Robert Reich, former Clinton administration accomplice.  In the blog, Reich said that the reason Republicans refuse to support the Pork Package has nothing to do with the bill itself.  

He says Republicans don't want to support it only so they can "make the midterm election of 2010 a national referendum on Barack Obama's handling of the economy.  They know that by then the economy will still appear sufficiently weak that they can dub the entire Obama effort a failure -- even if the economy would have been far worse without it, even if the economy is beginning to turn around."

In other words, Democrats are a pure as the wind-driven snow.  They are passing a package solely to help Americans with no personal or political agenda in the package at all.

Those evil Republicans, however, cannot possibly disagree with this perfect package because they believe it is bad for the economy.  No, no, no.  There must be a political agenda attached.  It must be evil and underhanded, because that's the way Republicans are.

Sounds a lot like "short-man's syndrome" to me.


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