Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pass The Pork

Last night, the most articulate idiot in America thanked the "Democrats and Republicans in Congress who game together" to pass a Huge Government Earmark and Pork Barrel Spending package.  Obama said the package would "save or create" more than 3.5 million jobs.  (I can't image that's going to help the economy much, given Nancy Pelosi's estimate of 500 million jobs lost each month, but I digress).

The "Democrats and Republicans in Congress who came together" included only 3 Republicans.  (I tried to look up the total number of Republicans in Congress to get a percentage or a ratio, but couldn't find the number easily.)  I'm suspicious about why Obama is so insistent on making this Porkulus package seem bi-partisan, particularly when anyone who has been paying any attention at all to the news knows otherwise.  I suspect he knows the package isn't going to make nearly as much difference in the economy as the media has been trying to portray, and he wants to pass as much blame around as possible.

What I find even more humorous than Obama's remarks is the interview done by Katie "Hard News" Couric of the mathematically challenged Speaker, Nancy Pelosi on CBS Evening News.

Here is a sample:

Couric:  Are you surprised how intimately involved he (Obama) is in the whole process?

This quote must have been written by the DNC.  The biggest knock on Obama in the whole process has been his lack of involvement.  Couric doesn't even ask about his level of involvement, but starts right in with the "allegation" or assumption that Obama was very involved from the start.  Pelosi doesn't have to defend Obama's lack of involvement in the process.  Couric takes away any criticism of that before it can even begin.

Pelosi:  "And in order for it to instill the confidence into the American people, I think we have to believe in what we are doing ... and we believe in what we are doing."

This sentence does nothing to instill confidence in any one.  Who does Pelosi think she's fooling?  The 500 million Americans losing their jobs every month.  (Sorry, I just can't help myself.)  Saying "we have to believe in what we are doing..." the way she said it certainly makes it sound like nobody on Capital Hill believes for a minute they are really stimulating the economy.  They know this bill is a huge Democratic Spending and Earmark bill that has very little to do with stimulating the economy.

When asked about not having a single Republican vote in favor of the bill in the House, Pelosi said:

Pelosi:  "We had an election ... We reject the failed Bush administration economic policies ... We will not go back."

In other words, "We won.  Suck it, Republicans." 

This would be a good time to re-read yesterday's post about the "mandate" Obama thinks he has based on his campaign versus what policies he is now pushing.


The Sniper February 13, 2009 at 10:07 AM  

Have you ever noticed that policies that Obama is still using or is re-using that are pretty much a big steaming pile of [economic stimulus package] are called "Failed Bush Era Policies" instead of "Failing Obama Policies" in the press and on the Hill?

Just when are they going to stop blaming the last president and start blaming the guy who is actually in charge?

Oh yeah, they won't. Ever.

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