Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paul Harvey Dies at age 90

Today, America lost one of it's biggest supporters.

Paul Harvey, the news commentator and talk radio pioneer who became one of America's most familiar and beloved voices, died today.  Harvey started at a small radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but quickly moved on to national prominence with a distinctive voice and style of delivery.

Harvey was particularly loved by people outside the beltway because of his common sense and down-home approach.  He was generally either loathed or ignored by the MainStream Media, Washington insiders and the Hollywood elite, mostly because he was willing to "tell it like it is" regardless of who is involved in a particular news story.

The loss of this Giant almost feels personal to me.  I grew up listening to him at home.  A shortened version of his daily program came on the radio during breakfast when I was growing up.  While in school, I seldom heard his noontime program, but on weekends and holidays it was usually on the kitchen radio during lunch.  My favorite, however, was his "Rest of the Story" programs in the late afternoon.  

Not only did I grow up listening to Paul Harvey, but my dad grew up listening to Paul Harvey ... and his dad listened to him on a daily basis.  

Paul Harvey is an American icon that will be greatly missed.  Thank goodness for his son who carries on his tradition.


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