Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jobs Saved? One.

Obama is claiming he has saved hundreds of thousands of jobs during what they continue to call the worst economic climate in our lifetime. Putting aside the fact that the Carter years, and a couple that immediately followed Carter were probably worse (but may not be before this is over), Obama is doing a good job of ensuring that we top the Carter years and possibly even the Great Depression of the '30's with his departure from common sense economics.

We now have a definition of a "saved job" according to the administration. Obama claims to have saved over 14,500 jobs in one federal office. Quite a feat. It turns out, however, that 9,300 of those were counted as a saved job based on the fact that the federal employees were given a pay raise. Luis Rosero, HHS spokesman said "If I give you a raise, it is going to save a portion of your job." Hence, some of these outrageous numbers we are seeing and which fly in the face of all reason given the continuing rise in the unemployment rate, are due to people who would not have lost their jobs getting pay raises.

Let me repeat that: If you would have kept your job regardless of anything the administration has done concerning the economy and if you got a pay raise, Obama saved your job.

Based on that definition, I wonder how many jobs Bush saved or created during his eight years in office. Oh wait.... that doesn't count.

The reality is that Obama hasn't saved or created very many jobs at all. In fact, if you offset every job that may have been saved or created by the stimulus package with the ones that were lost because of Obama's policies (based on his own claim that the unemployment rate would have topped out at 8.2 percent had we done nothing) we have a net loss of several MILLION jobs.

There is one job he has definitely saved, though. Just one that he can point to and say that "This person now has a job and wouldn't have if not for my administration." That would be the job of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The former governor of Kansas left the State in such horrible shape that her successor had to make an announcement yesterday that the state was making several millions of dollars in budget cuts. This makes four consecutive years that the State budget has had to be cut because of declining revenues. To make matters "worse," that announcement had to be made by a Democrat Governor. In other words things are in such a mess in the State of Kansas that a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR IS MAKING BUDGET CUTS!!!

There is no doubt that Kathleen Sebelius would have been voted out of office (if she ran again in 2010) in the State of Kansas. There is also no doubt that the challengers that are emerging on the Republican side are much stronger candidates than any she actually faced when she did run for office in the state.

Clearly one of the reasons Obama picked Sebelius to be the HHS Secretary is so that she wouldn't be out of a job in 2010.

Good job, Obama. One job saved. Put THAT on recovery.gov.


WoFat November 24, 2009 at 4:42 PM  

On the other hand, the media (the REAL media) doesn't have to look too hard at Obama's statement to pick out the falsehoods and mistakes.

He just has to get the same numbers up on his TelePrompTer all the time.

(Step back in time and re-watch the Frank Sinatra film, "The Manchurian Candidate." Anything look familiar?

fuzzys dad November 25, 2009 at 7:23 AM  

How do you save a job by giving raises?

Libertarian Advocate November 25, 2009 at 10:36 AM  

fuzzy's dad: You must take "Democrat Accounting 101" in college:

That's the same course that "Financial Wunderkind" SecTreas Timmy Geithner took to learn how to declare his kids' summer camp tuitions as tax deductible child care expenses and think that his World Bank Tax Payment disbursements weren't actually payable to the IRS.

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