Monday, November 2, 2009

Obama's Reputation On the Line Tomorrow

Yes, it's 2009, an odd-year, but there are a handful of elections happening tomorrow, and they'll be watched very closely, since they're the first ones since Obama's election last year.

The big ones: The Virgina governorship, the New Jersey governorship, and the NY-23 Congressional district. In New Jersey, it looks like voters might be ready to throw out ex-Goldmanite Jon Corzine, due to anger about higher taxes and the weak economy. But a third-party run from Chris Daggett may keep him in office.

The one that would really be a blow to Democrats is in Virginia, where it looks as though Republican Bob McDonnell will beat Democrat Creigh Deeds. Why a big deal? Because Virginia has been trending blue, and thus would mark a decisive reversal of that trend.

Suddenly it seems like Republicans have some life and voter enthusiasm. Remember just a few months ago when there were questions about whether it would ever be a serious party again?

Of course, this has very little to do with the Republican party and more to do with independent and conservative voters being very unhappy with the direction Obama is taking us. Voters aren't jumping onto the Republican bandwagon ... not just yet, anyway. They are, however, willing to vote republican to slow down the march toward socialism.

The Republicans still have a long way to go before they can capture the imaginations of voters with their own ideas. A good start would be a strong move to the right, particularly on fiscal issues. Americans are concerned about the National Debt and about the economy.

The current recession is still Bush's fault, all inherited from the "previous administration" according to the White House. That theme was echoed again Friday in a speech by V.P. Joe Biden, defending the one million, no wait, the 30,000, no wait, the 20,000 jobs created by the Stimulus package. As the recession drags on (and it is dragging on, in spite of some good news on Wall Street), Americans are beginning to see the disastrous toll that the administration's policies are having on businesses, particularly small businesses.

While Obama is willing to throw money at the economy, he is unwilling to establish pro-business policies, and until that happens, it is unlikely we'll see a strong rebound like we have following past recessions.

This may be an off year, for elections, but unless things change, and unless they change a lot, expect huge gains by Republicans in 2010.


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