Monday, January 19, 2009

Biden Shushes his wife

Here's an interesting one:

WASHINGTON – Vice President-elect Joe Biden's wife said Monday that he had a pick of two jobs in the Obama administration, a slip that Biden immediately tried to shush and that his spokeswoman later disputed. Jill Biden's comment came during an appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on the eve of the inauguration.

"Joe had the choice to be secretary of state or vice president," she said. Her husband blushed bright red, grimaced, laughed and said a loud "shhhh" that sent the audience into laughter. "OK, he did," Jill Biden said.

The vice president-elect didn't deny her claim on the show, but Biden spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander did three hours later in a statement e-mailed to reporters immediately after the exchange aired on television.

"To be clear, President-elect Obama offered Vice President-elect Biden one job only — to be his running mate," the statement said. "And the vice president-elect was thrilled to accept the offer."

The vice president-elect said he only accepted Obama's offer to be his running mate after talking it over with "Jilly," his pet name for his wife. Mrs. Biden said she told him vice president would be better for the family.

"If you're secretary of state, you'll be away, we'll never see you, you know," she said. "I'll see you at a state dinner once in awhile. But I said, if you're vice president, the entire family, because worked so hard for the election, can be involved. They can come to our home. They can go to events, they can be with us all the time. And that's what's important to us."

Joe Biden said he didn't immediately take the vice presidential offer since he wasn't sure it was the best place for him to serve. But Biden, who ran against Obama in the Democratic primary race, said he agreed after getting some assurances from Obama about his role.

I wonder if the Secretary of State position was going to cost more than the VIce Presidency?

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