Friday, January 9, 2009

The Case for Casey Anthony

With all the focus lately on Obama and the "Regime Change", nobody seems to be paying attention to poor Casey Anthony.  

The Casey Anthony case is one that all liberals should get behind.  (Note that I'm saying the "Casey Anthony Case", not the "Caylee Anthony Case".)  

One of the main items on the agenda for Barack Obama and the overwhelming Democratic majority in congress is going to be abortion.  Specifically, they want to see to it that more and more abortions are performed, and at taxpayer expense.  Obama has already stated that he wants a Billion dollars of your money to be given to Planned Parenthood.  Another item that the MSM is not widely reporting (because they know the American public would be against it) is a requirement that doctors perform abortions on demand even if they do not believe in performing abortions.  Under current laws (actually, under HHS rules), funding cannot be withheld from a doctor or hospital that refuses to perform a procedure if that procedure violates the conscience of the practitioner, or the charter of the health care facility.

In other words, a Catholic hospital cannot be forced to perform sterilization procedures for the purposes of birth control if that goes against the beliefs of the Church or charter of the Hospital.  A doctor that refuses to perform abortions because he is morally opposed to abortion cannot be forced to perform abortions.

Under Obama's proposed "Freedom of Choice" act, that all changes.  Under Obama, the government may withhold funds, including reimbursement for medical procedures actually performed, if that provider or institution refuses to perform abortions, fertilization for lesbians, or any other procedure against which they may have a moral objection.

Now, back to the Casey Anthony case ...

It seems to me, that under a Democratic administration and a Democratic Congress, the federal government should come to the aid of Casey Anthony.  After all, terminated a child which was apparently causing an inconvenience in her life.  (I'm making assumptions based on the allegations, at this point.  I do not pretend to know whether or not Casey Anthony actually killed her daughter).  Assuming the allegations are correct, then, Casey Anthony merely performed a Late, Late-term abortion.  

The Democrats should be rejoicing, and pressing young, stressed and depressed mothers to do this more often.


2 Conservative Women January 10, 2009 at 12:00 AM  

Well, what some liberal pro-abortion types will do is use a tragic case like this to actually bolster their argument for abortion. They'll say that this case is a perfect example of someone who was not ready or capable of having a child, so she should have terminated the pregnancy in the first place. It's a good thing her family aren't Christian conservatives (as far as I know), because then some in the the pro-abortion crowd would go so far as to blame this murder on them and their anti-abortion stance. They would outrageously claim that their daughter was pressured by the family into going through with the pregnancy, and had she had an abortion, this tragedy would never have occurred. Mind you, I don't agree at all, but I can totally see some people making that argument!

Nice blog, btw! Thanks for following our blog and adding us to your blog list. We've happily reciprocated!


John William McMullen January 30, 2009 at 10:57 AM  

I wonder if Casey is post-abortive. Did she have an abortion earlier in life? Sometimes post-abortive women will kill their subsequent children.

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