Friday, January 30, 2009

New Layout

As you can see, if you stop by often, I've changed my layout.  (I guess I'm giving liberals what they want, and keeping with the theme of the times.)  I like the clean look of the new layout.  However, I'm still in the process of getting everything updated.  Please be patient.  Some things didn't transfer over, so I have to restore a number of things on the blog.  If your blog used to appear under the "usual suspects list" and you don't see it here, let me know.  I'll add you back in.

Be patient.  I'm still working on it.  Also, feel free to make suggestions. 

... and thanks for stopping by.


About This Blog

This blog is about my opinions and world view.  I am a conservative, evangelical Christian.  Generally speaking, if you post a comment, I'll allow you to express your view.  However, if you say something hateful, untruthful, or just generally something I don't like, I may remove it.

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