Sunday, March 1, 2009

Iranian Rebukes U.S. Counterpart

A passing remark from the new American ambassador to the unUnited Nations, Susan Rice, prompted a rebuke from her Iranian counterpart. 

Toward the end of a speech to the Security Council about the situation in Iraq, Ms. Rice said the United States would “seek to end Iran's ambition to acquire an illicit nuclear capability and its support for terrorism.” She said Washington would also encourage Iran and Syria to become “constructive actors” in the region. 

In a letter to the president of the Council, Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee of Iran called the accusations baseless. “It is unfortunate that, yet again, we are hearing the same tired, unwarranted and groundless allegations that used to be unjustifiably and futilely repeated by the previous U.S. administration,” the letter said.

They'll continue to deny that they are trying to build nuclear weapons until they detonate one.  Let's hope it's not on U.S. soil.


Z March 1, 2009 at 11:21 PM  

And they were SO SURE it would be a Koombaya moment the minute obama got into office. Well, after having heard Khazaee's remarks, maybe Ms Rice and obama will turn tail and run.........scared of public opinion...Will the laxness which could be provoked by their desire to please his world platform ("No, we are NOT LIKE BUSH and we'll show you..we're sorry Ms Rice said that!") be extremely dangerous to us? COuld be. Good post, I hadn't heard about this. But, I have heard this weekend that America's finally waking up to what some guy said about Iran finally having enough to build a nuke...when Kenneth Timmerman's been warning our administrations for 10 YEARS that they're farther ahead in their readiness than we thought and nobody's listened.

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