Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sinking Pelosi's Numbers

Democrats are expressing mock outrage at comments made yesterday by North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry.  

"We will lose on legislation, but we will win the message war every day and every week, until November 2010.  Our goal is to bring down approval numbers for Pelosi and for House Democrats..."

Democrat policy wonks and liberal bloggers and members of the press suddenly think that winning the propaganda war is unsavory.

This is nothing new.  Trying to smear the opposition in the press has been going on since ... probably since the days of George Washington.  Actually, it has probably been going on since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press.  It was taken to an extreme during the Clinton years, when spinning bad news into good news became an art form.  Of course, smearing the opposition during the Bush years was an art form practiced by both democrats and their accomplices in the media.  In fact, smearing the Bush administration and now, by extension, Rush Limbaugh continues to this day.  Does anyone think that all the talk about Rush lately is about anything other than bolstering Obama's poll numbers?

But, suddenly, when a member of one party points out the elephant in the room, everyone is in an uproar.

The more significant part of that statement is the part that is being ignored.  "We will lose on legislation," according to McHenry.  That means that by the time Republicans even have an opportunity to make inroads into the Democratic majority, this country will have gone so far down the liberal socialist path, we may never be able to return to the greatness as a nation we achieved in the last century.  That's where the real news lies in this statement.


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