Friday, March 6, 2009

The Obama Bear Market

Here is an interesting story...

A new Bloomberg review shows that the stock market has fallen faster under President Obama than under any president in the last century.  Bloomberg reports that since Inauguration Day, the Dow has fallen 20 percent, leading investors to dub this the "Obama Bear Market."  The Dow has also dropped 31 percent cince Election Day.

Despite a string of government bailout offers (or because of them) and Obama's "advice" earlier this week that Americans should be buying stock while shares are low, the Dow has continued to freefall.  

Obama, according to the report is "at risk" of breaking a historical tread in which the Dow soars an average of close to 10 percent in the first year after a Democrat wins the presidency. 

I'd say "at risk" is an understatement.

....And remind me not to take investment advice from Illinois politicians.


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