Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama Picks HHS Secretary

Obama has announced his choice to lead Health and Human Services (HHS).  Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas has been chosen to lead the post.

"As a governor she's been on the front lines of our health care crisis. She has a deep knowledge of what the burden of crushing costs does to our families and businesses," Obama said.

Of course, just a few months ago, the Governor of Alaska was incapable of doing anything in Government because she has only been a "Governor" and a woman.  

That aside, however, this couldn't be worse news for moderates and conservatives.  

Sebelius is being touted as a good choice because she is a Democrat "working with a Republican state legislature."  Supposedly, this gives her the experience needed to help the administration reach across the aisle.

However, I can tell you (from living in the state of Kansas), Sebelius is an extremely liberal Democrat who has no intentions of reaching across the aisle.  In the state of Kansas, she had no choice because the state legislature is decidedly conservative and Republican.  Even then, she has pushed a liberal agenda, vetoing projects that would benefit the state economy because they violate her liberal agenda, supporting illegal abortions taking place in Kansas, and blaming state Republicans for all of the states difficulties. 

She should fit right in with others in the Obama administration.  For the rest of us, I'd suggest we watch out.


Z March 5, 2009 at 12:38 AM  

OH, THAT's great news!! Well, better to be armed with the truth..thanks!

the spin the obama nuts are putting out for us is incredible, isn't it? Don't forget: working across the aisle for liberals is easy, for Republicans, they get their hands back on their side of the aisle with no fingers left!

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