Monday, March 16, 2009

Rolling Obama Tribute

Jennifer Stone-Anderson of St. Petersburg, Florida, who is described as an "unemployed artist" (is there any other kind?), uses her "free time" to turn her car into a rolling artistic tribute to Obama.  She has painted her car with mutiple graphics, Obama's name and various slogans like "vote for change."  It also contains messages about recycling, health care and other liberal causes.

(A google search of photos of her car will confirm why she is an "unemployed artist.")

Not everyone has been supportive of the Obama car.  "Some people have screamed obscenities at her," according the the reporter who wrote the initial story.  The article is written as if no conservative has ever had a polite conversation of opposition, and no liberal has ever said nasty things about a Republican president.  (How soon we forget.)

Now, here's the interesting part:  Stoned-Anderson has missed several car payments, including payments in December, January and February.  She is now starting to receive calls from Chrysler.  She has ignored them.

Apparently, Chrysler has the paperwork to repossess the car, and it's only a matter of the company finding it at this point.  From the article, it appears that Stoned-Anderson is .... "hiding" ... the car, though it doesn't explicitly say that.

But Stoned-Anderson says she is not worried about the company taking it.  "Barack says he's an eternal optimist," she said.  "We're like minds."

It seems the perfect metaphor for people who voted for Obama.  Democrats expect others to take care of them, pay off their loans and hand them every opportunity.  They shouldn't have to pay taxes, house payments, rent or play by the rules of our unjust capitalist society.


EatYourOkra March 16, 2009 at 12:58 PM  

Wow. Not only did she drink the kool-aid, it also sounds like she smokes the wacky tobaccy.

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