Tuesday, March 17, 2009

News That Will Shock You

... or not.

Perhaps this item should be filed under "least surprising news of the day."

The headline of the NYT article is "China Athletes "Faked Their Age".

Bone tests on teenage athletes in south China have shown that thousands had faked their age, often in order to keep competing in junior events.

Tests on nearly 13,000 athletes found that more than 3,000 were older than their registered age, according to the Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province.

At least one athlete was seven years older than their stated age, but most were said to differ by a year or two.

The news comes as Guangdong prepares to host the 2010 Asian Games.

The investigation is the latest in a number of initiatives by the Chinese authorities to crack down on the practice of age-faking, which many experts believe is rampant.

Of course, their age isn't all they are faking.  A week or so ago, it came out that one of the "female" athletes on China's Olympic team last year was actually a male.


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