Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Can See North Korea From Here

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin made the statement that you could actually see Russia, or at least the easternmost coastline of Russia, from Alaska.  The point of the statement was that Palin was not ignorant on foreign policy issues.

The statement didn't go far. 

That Saturday Night, Tina Fey, playing a very dumbed down Sarah Palin, was quoted as saying "I can see Russia from the front porch of my house." Amazingly, by November, many uninformed voters thought that quote actually came from Palin herself.

Monday, North Korea again demonstrated that it had become a nuclear power. North Korea also has missiles with a range well into the interior of Alaska.

Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Senators this week called for Obama to deal with the situation with a stronger response than simply going to the United Nations and asking for a resolution.

Strange. Nobody's laughing anymore.


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