Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tiller Killer

Two months ago I posted this article on baby killer George Tiller and how political corruption allowed him to continue his evil trade.

Earlier today, Tiller was shot to death in the foyer of his Church in Wichita, Kansas.

There is no question that his murder was wrong. You'll see no attempt to justify it here on this blog. While I believe Tiller was a murder and will pay for his sins in hell for all eternity, we have a judicial system for taking care of murderers. Sometimes it works. Sometimes, as in the case of Tiller, it does not. When it doesn't, there is no justification for taking the law into your own hands.

I understand the frustration.

Two months ago, the State held a mock trial to make a show of finding TIller innocent of breaking the law, even though Tiller never tried to hide his violations of late term abortion laws.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Obama made a show at Notre Dame of trying to find middle ground on the abortion issue, even though his actions are aimed at increasing the number of abortions.

While motives and justifications of the suspect have not been released, more than likely the killer was a misguided individual who felt frustrated at what Tiller has done, as well as what he represented.

Walking into a church and killing Adolph Hitler might have saved millions of lives, but it would still have been wrong.

Walking into a church and killing Joseph Stalin might have saved millions of lives, but it still would have been wrong. 

Similarly, killing Tiller was wrong, no matter how many lives it may save.

I would hope that those on the left who are condemning this as an act of terrorism, would look at William Ayers, the Black Panthers, the Daily Kos (which advocated the murder of George W. Bush), and Wanda Sykes in the same light that they are looking at the Tiller Killer.


Chuck June 1, 2009 at 7:22 AM  

They're not. Good post

Red June 3, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

Using Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin as examples make it tempting to excuse that behavior for some on the conservative Christian right and even more of an excuse for the left to point and say that Christians are hypocrites and wanted Tiller dead at all costs which is hardly the case.

If you look at Christianity and you read the Bible, the Ten commandments say Thou shalt not kill but there was also a great deal of righteous fury and killing on behalf of God's people. However, we are supposed to be living in enlightened times yet people take the law into their own hands frequently and some agree while others condemn. Chaos is not the way of the Lord for certain and I don't believe Tiller should have been gunned down anywhere, church, the grocery store, his office, where ever. There should have been a persistent pursuit in legal circles to continue to find a way to champion the cause for the end to late term abortions (infanticide if you ask me). Murdering Tiller was certainly not the answer in a civilized world.

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