Friday, May 29, 2009

White House: North Korea Not A Threat

The strategy on North Korea at the White House seems to fluctuate on a daily, or even an hourly, basis. Obama called the rogue nation a "regional threat" after its missile launch in April, and this week declared the nation a threat to global peace. Now Obama's national security advisor James Jones says that they are not an imminent threat at all. 

I guess I don't understand the world of geopolitics. I would have presumed that a nation that was testing nuclear weapons, testing missiles to launch nuclear weapons, and that has a history of demonstrating that its leadership is not only itching for war, but is also likely mentally unstable ... I would presume that nation might be a threat to someone. 

We have 25,000 soldiers in the immediate area, and thousands more Americans, including civilians within reach of their missile capability. In fact, as I pointed out a few days ago (in a post very much worth reading, I might add), North Korea's missiles can reach well into the interior of Alaska, and even to its more populated South Eastern coastal region, even though their accuracy is probably not good.

So, I guess I'd have to say that I'm very, very happy that North Korea is not a threat. 

I'm also happy that we no longer have a war on terror, that Gitmo detainees are no longer terrorists and that all is well. In fact, when I read the information coming out of the White House, I'd say the United States is in the best shape we've ever been in, both economically and from a security standpoint.

Anyone with me on this?

.... Hello?


WoFat May 29, 2009 at 3:49 PM  

Someone in the White House, and I'm afraid the rest of us too, are probably in for a horrible surprise.

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