Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama's Strategy Vs. Bush's Strategy

This week, both North Korea and Iran are flexing their muscles. Both of these nations have done more to "test" the current administration than they did in the previous eight years. There is no question why they are choosing this time to show their military might.

It all comes down to the administration's response.

Bush was a man of action. When something needed to be done, Bush said, "World, were going in and doing this. You can be with us, or you can sit on the sidelines. But we're dealing with the problem." For the most part the world sat back and then criticized Bush like a monday morning quarterback.

Obama .... well ... not so much.

Obama's response thus far has been to call on the world to take action. I think his exact quote was that "The world must stand up to North Korea." 

In other words, Obama is throwing up his hands and saying, "Somebody do something, please!"

I've got news for you, Barack. They are all sitting back and waiting to see what you are going to do. Then they are going to wait for the results to see how to criticize you and tell you what you should have done.


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