Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rock the Vote

"Elections are the foundation of democracy. If not for our political beliefs, we must vote to show our desire to rule our own land. Our desire to choose our own leaders must be illustrated through our active participation and not through silence. 

Every four years we have the constitutional right to vote. Many believe that such a system is futile. They believe that candidates do not represent their views, or that their vote is not significant enough to count.

Your vote does matter. It can bring about change, and yes, you do have a choice. You have the choice to use your right to vote that has been given to you by the constitution, to push the country towards the right path or to decline this right and have the consequences of your inaction affect your country and your life directly for the next four years. 

There are less than 20 days left to election day. I urge you, as one of your countrymen who seeks a bright and free future to read about the candidates, increase your knowledge of the stands and their economic and political agendas. I beg you with all that I have to go to the polls on Election Day and cast your vote. I beg you this because it is important to me. I believe our actions will write our country's path in history, and our actions will bring a better future for years to come. 

Is one day every four years too much to ask to put aside for your country?"

The above was taken from a website urging Iranians, and particularly Iranians who are living outside of the country, to vote. Some of the specific language was changed in order to make the plea more "generic", i.e. less specific to Iran, but none of the thoughts were altered. 


Z May 28, 2009 at 12:56 AM  

what, did THE ONE send his pal his notes or something?

ROCK THE VOTE? Didn't you love it when that group, before the election, would tell us all how it's nonpartisan?


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