Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obama Eyes Incentives To Reduce Health Costs

In his second event of the week aimed at promoting health care reform, President Obama met with corporate leaders Tuesday about programs they use to rein in health care costs. 

Obama met CEOs, corporate benefits officers, union leaders and state and local health officials to talk about ways to improve worker fitness and reduce absenteeism, a day after winning a pledge from the health care industry to slow the long-term rise in costs. 

Obama said there are "no quick fixes" to the problem but that he wants to "lift up" the best practices for health care to save money for families, businesses and the government. 

The businesses highlighted by the White House include supermarket company Safeway, which provides insurance discounts for workers who quit smoking, lower their weight and control their blood pressure and cholesterol. 

The company has reduced its health care spending by 13 percent and workers have cut their insurance premiums by 20 percent. 

The conclusion is logical. We can expect more taxes as government tries to engineer a "healthier" lifestyle for taxpaying Americans. Are you overweight? Expect an "Over Ideal Weight Tax." Do you drink? Expect additional liquor taxes. Do you drive places when you could be walking? Maybe huge increases in gas taxes would change that for you. Watch too much TV? How about a "TV viewing Tax?"


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