Monday, May 11, 2009

Roads Plan Was Oversold In Stimulus Package

A top congressional Democrat now says that the White House oversold the "roads-and-bridges" component of the historic Porkulus/Spendulus/Stimulus package earlier this year. 

That's the way the news media are spinning the story, anyway (minus my litte dig using "porkulus" and "spendulus.") To phrase it the way some of us outside of the DC belt might say it ... "Obama lied about the stimulus package."

Surprised?  I hope not.

An Associated Press analysis of the first $19 billion in transportation spending showed that communities most in need of jobs are least likely to benefit from the program. (The report said nothing regarding communities most in need of roads and bridges, which is what it should have addressed.) 

A spokesman for Minnesota Representative James Oberstar (Democrat), who leads the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee, said that the White House shouldn't have advertised the money designated for roads, bridges and infrastructure as the signature component of the bill, or as a surefire way to boost needy communities.

Do you suppose Mr. Oberstar will remember this when it comes time to vote for another big bill ... say the big government takeover of the nations' health care system that appears to be coming down the pike? I wouldn't count on it.


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