Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Guide to Ineffective Leadership

There is no question that Obama is an ineffective leader; perhaps one of the worst leaders to ever occupy the White House. Obama has been unable to transform power into policy and resources into action. Here are the mistakes Obama is making as a leader:

Unwillingness to negotiate: In the first few days of his presidency, Obama made a few gestures that hinted at bipartisanship, but for the most part he has treated even moderate Republicans as inconsequential. This has alienated him from both the Republicans who might be willing to help him and independent and moderate Americans.

Impatience: If you have a message that resonates with America, you can take your time, present your message to the people and allow them to help you push your agenda. Even better if you have the entire media on your side. From the first day of his administration, Obama has rammed his policy and agenda down the collective throats of Americans without giving anyone a chance to discuss or debate the issues.

Trade courage for detachment: When it comes time to lead, you should show a little courage. Instead of showing courage, Obama has tried to stay out of the way, as if getting involved might hurt him. He makes a few speeches in controlled situations, but he’s not really confronting the issues.

Put your power in the hands of others: Obama has yet to introduce a single policy issue. He has named 32 czars to run the administration from the White House and he’s left the writing of legislation to Pelosi, Reid and the other Democrats in Congress. It’s likely that he wants to be able to blame someone else if (when) things go south, but that isn’t leadership.

Let the platform sputter: Obama’s health care proposals are spinning out of control, and to a large degree, Obama is allowing it to happen.

Sell out instead of buying in: Does Obama really believe in what he is pushing. I believe he does. But if that’s the case, why float the trial balloons? The public option may be off the table. No, it’s back on the table. “Death Panels” are gone, even though that was an “important” part of the plan. You can keep your current insurance plan, even though I believe in a single payor system. It almost seems that Obama doesn’t really believe in any part of the health care plan, but rather just wants to see what he can get away with.

Divert attention away from the issues by attacking others: Protestors are astroturf - hired professionals. No, they’re racist rednecks. Sarah Palin is the enemy, even though she has no real power and doesn’t hold any office. Rush Limbaugh wants America to fail.

Keep changing the story: How many positions has the administration taken on the purpose of the Stimulus package? How many times have they changed their position on how bad the economy was?

There you have the primary reasons Obama will never be an effective leader. Do you have more?


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