Sunday, August 9, 2009

Middle Class America Rises Up

Senators and Congresscritters have been caught off guard and very surprised as they face angry voters and constituents at Town Hall meetings across America. For some reason, the American public, particularly the moderate and conservative majority, seem to be tired of their opinions and viewpoints being ignored.

How long have people in America's heartland felt that their concerns no longer matter to elected officials. They (we) are angry at the massive debt increase under the current bailouts and the Generational Theft Act. They are angry at bills, including Cap and Trade, and now it appears, a nationalized health care bill, that are being rammed through Washington before anyone has a chance to read the bills.

We see the same mistakes taking place over and over, and now we see a repeat of those mistakes in a Universal Health Insurance system being rushed through.

Instead of putting our fears to rest by explaining exactly what's in the bill and what it will cost, the American public has been scoffed at and told we couldn't possibly understand such a complicated measure.

Taken aback by the anger of those who elected them, instead of listening to voters, Democrats and their hired gun mouthpieces in the media have trumped a series of lies deflecting the outrage and claiming it to be manufactured by Republicans and organized by conservative groups.

Of course, the most ridiculous claim has been that we are doing this to "shut down free speech." Ridiculous because it has largely been the voices ignored for too long that are now speaking out. Voices ignored first by the Republicans during the last 8 years and now by the Democrats.

Of course, the mainstream media is in the pocket of the Dems. The New York Times recently ran an article titled "Health Debate Turns Hostile at Town Hall Meetings," where they continue the bogus claim of "protesters being organized by conservative lobbying groups." No such complaints came from the Times under the 8 years of verbal assaults by Democrats and liberals who organized under such groups as, the Daily Kos, and, now renamed to ""

In reality, the left is now organizing disruptions and busing protesters complete with professionally produced material into Town Hall meetings to counter conservatives and to, in effect, shut them up. This happened in Denver, Colorado recently at an appearance of Nancy Pelosi. It also occurred in St. Louis where angry voters showed up and were blocked out while Union supporters were snuck into a side door. Outside, SEIU union thugs attacked and beat a black man selling "Don't tread on Me" flags, sending him to the hospital. In Tampa, Florida, union thugs stacked another Town Hall meeting, pushing and shoving people and closing doors on constituents, preventing them from even hearing what their elected officials had to say.

News reporters have broadcast some of these violent instances, but make no mention of the fact that it is Union thugs committing the violence, leaving viewers, readers and listeners to assume that it is conservatives perpetrating the violence.

All across the nation, marching orders have been given. Community organizers have issued the call and professional protesters are starting to show up to block opposition to health care reform.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D.-NY) says to "stick with what we're doing and don't let them throw you off course." I take that to mean that our elected officials should ignore the wishes of the voters and conduct business as usual in Washington.


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