Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama Won't Pull the Plug on Grandma

"Death Panels" are a fiction, of course. An exaggeration that became a catch phrase thanks to Sarah Palin.

Obama addressed the "death panels" today saying that there "will not be any death panels. I will not pull the plug on grandma."

The actual proposed health care bill, HR 3200, sets targets for tests and treatments. It also requires that medical decisions be made on the basis of "likely outcomes" and "probabilities of prognosis". In other words, the bill, as written right now, would deny treatment to very ill patients who have a poor prognosis. The bill would require doctors to "pull the plug on grandma."

No, there are no literal "death panels." But is Obama willing to sign a bill that would require doctors to "pull the plug on grandma" based on grandma's prognosis and economic realities?

How much do you trust him?


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