Monday, August 17, 2009

Is the "Public Option" Really Off the Table?

The MainStreamMedia outlets are reporting that the White House is floating trial balloons indicating they might be willing to cave on the requirement of a Government-run health insurance program as a part of the proposed health care reform.

Color me skeptical.

Not that they won't make this a public issue. Obama now HAS to have health care reform. This is the turning point of his administration, and if he wants to hold onto power some kind of health care reform bill will have to pass. Obama also recognizes that passing a bill that most Americans, including many who voted for him, don't want, it will be the end of his career, politically.

There is no question that Obama is a socialist. That's not a racist or hateful statement. It's a statement of fact. And Obama and all of his socialist friends and acquaintances believe that this country must have a single-payor universal health care system.

Let's be clear about this:

- The Generational Theft Act (Stimulus Package) was mostly Democrat Pork and political payback.
- The Financial and Auto company bailouts were mostly what he believed he had to do to stabilize the economy.
- Cap and Trade was certainly a part of his socialist agenda, but as much as anything, a nod to the Democrats in congress and in the environmental movement. In other words, he was shoring up the base.

Based on Obama's speeches before the 2008 campaign, during the 2008 campaign and since then, clearly Universal Government-Run Single Payor Health Care is what Obama wants to be known for. NaziCare is Obama's legacy. He is not going to give it up this easily just because the American people don't want it. They clearly don't know what is good for them.

The trial balloons being floated about Health Insurance Co-ops are merely a political ploy. Whether he uses this to get "step one" of universal health care passed, or whether he uses this to move the political debate along, he's not giving up on Universal Single Payor Government-Run Health Care.

There are many things in the current health care proposals to be concerned about. But the biggest is that all of them are designed to lead us toward the Universal Single-Payor model. That's why we need to oppose ALL of the current forms of health care reform. Until a bill comes along that addresses the real problems in health care, including Tort Reform, Americans should be united. "Yes We Can" stop this Obamanation.


Bob Qat August 17, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

You're absolutely right Obama's "concession" is only a ploy to firm up his path for his final moves to take over our personal health. The "concession" may also have served to distract from his stupid attempt to use his grandmother death for political gain.


The Financial and Auto company bailouts were mostly what he believed he had to do to stabilize the economy.

Disagree with that. Authoritarian government extended its power over the banking industry. Although the Left poorly understands banking, they recognize the banking industry dilutes government authority as an alternate source of liquidity. Also recall this is the way the Leftists Democrat Party precipitated the Great Depression. They called themselves progressives then. They are still frauds.

Soloman August 18, 2009 at 12:37 AM  

I agree with the basic premise you put forward. As you commented on my posting about this, there's something "fishy" about them being so willing to pull the public option. I saw a lot of pundits tonight discussing the idea that these "co-ops" will be largely government backed... gee, I wonder where that will lead...

James' Muse August 18, 2009 at 12:52 PM  

A couple things:

Bob, you're off base on thinking the bailouts were part of Obama's plan to takeover. Remember, Bush started the bailouts; Obama merely continued them. I disagreed with it when both of them did it, but labelling it as authoritarian is intellectually dishonest. I think Miss Shore is right: it was what Obama thought he had to do.

TC: Calling it "NaziCare" is also intellectually dishonest and lazy. Most academics would cringe to hear anything compared to Nazis. I cringed when people called Bush Hitler just as I do when the right does it to Obama. Single-payer is far from Nazism (and its systematic murder of 6 million jews and other "undesirables").

Please read my last post. There is plenty wrong with ObamaCare, but falling into hysterics about "communism" or "nazism" merely makes our side look like the right-wingnuts the left tries to paint us.

Let's stick to the facts: ObamaCare sucks for many reasons, including the fact that it really will only cover a small amount of uninsured while costing us trillions; it's being pushed through way too quickly; etc.

Like I said, check out my last post. We can dismantle this bill without resorting to labelling things "Nazi-...".

Miss T.C. Shore August 18, 2009 at 10:27 PM  

The word Nazi comes from the words "National" and "Socialist." (iin German).

ObamaKare is a socialism and nationalization of the health care system.

If the shoe fits ...

James' Muse August 19, 2009 at 10:42 AM  

There are two problems: one, the National Socialist Party wasn't really socialistic; Hitler picked that because it was popular. It would be like a fascist government calling itself "Progressive" or "Conservative" merely to impress some constituents. It wasn't socialistic in reality.

Two: Nazi still implies one of the worst atrocities ever committed by and to the human race (second only to Stalin). To imply that something that is related to socialism is the same as killing 6 million people...its still intellectually lazy.

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