Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Insurance Co-Ops = Government Run Health Care

So, we're talking insurance co-ops, now.

That seems to be the current distraction, anyway.

My suspicion is that the current administration has figured out that if they create government run insurance co-ops that offer lower premium rates and have to abide by the new "health care reform" rules, and offer insurance to people who are now uninsured and/or uninsurable, that the co-ops will run out of money. Soon. Then the government can step in and "bail them out."

Then we would end up with government funded, government-run health insurance co-ops; which would then be dismantled and made into a government run universal single payor socialized health care system.

Is that different than a government-run health insurance program?

Am I right on this? Or am I off base?


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