Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama's Town Hall

President Obama held a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Monday. More than two-thousand people poured into his meeting. I thought that he was holding a campaign rally. Everyone there appeared to be in support of Universal Health Care. Contrast his meeting with what is happening around the country; in statistics, his “Stacked” meeting would be called an outlier.

Another way of putting it, an anomaly!

Obama wanted to give Americans the impression that “It’s Those Crazy Republicans Who Are Creating The Chaos At The Town Hall Meetings.” His evidence? The civility witnessed at his meeting.

Of course, his meeting was stacked. It was not what you would call an "open meeting." It was a crock.

Remember last week? Obama told those of us who spoke out against his socialist programs to, “Shut Up.” Well, today he is saying he welcomes a vigorous debate on health care. He's fine with a "Town Hall Debate," so long as everyone who shows up agrees with him.

In the meantime, arrogant Congressmen and Senators are left talking themselves and wondering “How Dare These Peasants Speak To Me In This Manner.” Arlen Specter even told those at his town hall meeting on Monday, “I didn't have to come here.” In other words, "I'm not accountable to you lowly constituents. I can do what I want without your input."

Talk about a major disconnect!

I have to chuckle when I hear socialist Democrats and members of the ObamaMedia, and even some "centrist" Republicans tell Americans to “Tone It Down.”

My advice to all of them: “Go To Hell.”


LL August 12, 2009 at 12:13 PM  

The elitist leaders have lost touch with America. They have broken faith with the people. Whether or not they remain in office is up to us.

Anonymous,  August 13, 2009 at 1:09 PM  

It is time to throw the bums out.

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