Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Microsoft "Whites Out" Black Model

Software giant Microsoft Corp. is apologizing for altering a photo on its Web site to change the race of one of the people shown in the picture.

A photo on the Seattle-based company's U.S. Web site shows two men, one Asian and one black, and a white woman seated at a conference room table. But on the Web site of Microsoft's Polish business unit, the black man's head has been replaced with that of a white man. The color of his hand remains unchanged.

I don't consider myself a racist. I think everyone in our society should be given an equal opportunity to accomplish all they can accomplish in life.

Having said that, I think Microsoft is bowing to the pressure of political correctness. The changed photo was on a web site intended for the nation of Poland. (No polish jokes, please). The Polish population is a homogenous caucasian population. I also would not be offended if they took out white faces and replaced them with asian faces in a web site intended for the Pacific Rim nations, or if they replaced all the faces with black faces in a web site intended for the nation of Kenya or Nigeria.

Some folks need to get a life. It's not about you and your race. The reason you are a victim is because you are making yourself a victim. Time to move on.


WoFat August 26, 2009 at 2:36 PM  

Whoops! Wonder how that happened?

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