Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Care Myths from the Right

You know, of course, that I'm opposed to HR3200, which might be more accurately termed PelosiCare than ObamaCare. Just as Obama left it to Reid and Pelosi to construct the Generational Theft Act, which he takes credit for, he has allowed them to put together his "Health Care Destruction Act," as well.

However, there are a couple of myths that are being perpetuated by those on the right side of the spectrum. I don't think its a productive thing to put things out there that are patently not true, or that exaggerate the reality of the situation. We need to have an open and honest discussion so that American's can really see what the Democrats are doing to us and understand the consequences.

Health Care Myth #1: Some, including Sean Hannity, are saying that when we add 50 million uninsured Americans to the health care system, they will overwhelm the system and will immediately create long waits in the health care system.

Reality: The 50 million uninsured Americans is something of an exaggeration, itself. Most of that number fall into two camps: Illegal aliens and young people who chose to not be insured because they are healthy. If all those healthy young people are suddenly provided insurance, they will probably not utilize health care any more than they are currently using the system. As far as illegal aliens, it is likely that most of those will not choose to be included in the new system. While I oppose using tax dollars to pay for the health care of those who are here illegally, most of them will probably not want to have their names in a government computer for fear of their status being detected and tracked, resulting in their deportation. Under the current administration, they will probably not actually be deported, because Obama has made it clear that he wants open borders, but that may not be true of his successor.

Health Care Myth #2: ObamaCare (PelosiCare) will eliminate Medicare.

Reality: If you read the bill, it actually seems that the system being proposed will do just the opposite this. Rather than eliminate Medicare, it seems to actually expand Medicare to include everyone who is not covered under another plan.

Of course, this reality does not bode any better for seniors than the elimination of Medicare would make. In an expanded system, seniors will still have to compete for health care dollars that they do not now have to compete for. The system creates targets for treatments and tests. Those targets, in essence, become a rationing system. This system will favor those who are likely to have better outcomes. What this means is that tests and treatment for younger, healthier people will be easier to get than tests and treatments for older, sicker people.

Health Care Myth #3: The government will make health care decisions instead of your doctor.

Reality: This myth is partly true, but partly not true. Under the current proposed system, your doctor still makes health care decisions. However, there will be financial incentives tilted toward some kinds of treatment, dis-incentives for other kinds of treatment and some tests and treatment will not be available due to the health care "targets."

What is ironic is that during the Health Care Infomercial provided by the major networks a few weeks ago, Obama trashed the reputation of the nations' doctors by saying that doctors decide to do tonsillectomies because of the financial incentive to do them instead of treating with antibiotics. There is no evidence that this happens. However, under PelosiCare, doctors will be making decisions on the basis of how or whether they can be reimbursed for procedures, because the system will not allow them to do otherwise.

I hope this clears up some things. I really think that the proposed health care program is bad for America and bad for our health care system. But I also believe that we need to argue our side based on truth and facts and not exaggerations and scare tactics.


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