Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Biden Ain't Lying ... Well, he was kinda lying

Melissa Clouthier Writes:

Joe Biden stated last weekend that the administration underestimated the economic problem. You don’t say. Really, the didn’t think there even was a problem and decided to jam through Dem spending programs to pay off key Democratic constituencies. Only 1% of the Stimulus money has been loosed from bureaucratic hell. The rest will hit just in time for Obama’s reelection.

The right people, will get the right money at the right time.

America’s tax dollars are part of a huge re-election effort. The Stimulus was all about Barack Obama and the big Democrats in Congress redistributing wealth to their buddies.

If an American citizen is out of a job, though, he might be kinda outta luck.

The Democrats demagogued the economy while at the same time saying everything was going to be wonderful. Remember the lady who said that President Obama was going to bring her groceries? President Obama gravely intoned about certain doom, while gloriously proclaiming “help is here!” Rich Lowry says:

Apparently we were going to experience a once-in-a-lifetime economic crisis comparable to the Great Depression without a particularly high unemployment rate. This was the promise of the Obama administration, which indulged in hair-raisingly alarmist economic rhetoric while pumping out unduly hopeful economic projections. If the Reagan administration gave us the rosy scenario, the Obama administration has given us the rosy apocalypse.

So now, the Democrats want to do some form of a real stimulus, because, like, you know, the economy really is bad.

The problem for the Democrats is that they sold the initial lie too well. People actually believed that the stimulus was going to give them jobs. They believed that the economy would be better and will get better. They believed that they would feel the help personally. They were sick of the Party of No and wanted to try new ideas. More than one swing voter said, “Well, I haven’t been happy with the way things have been, let’s give the other sides’ ideas a try.”

But people of a certain age remember President Carter. And if they have any memory whatsoever, this road looks very familiar because it is familiar. America has been down it before. But the problem is, this time, the road is even worse. And people know that too, even as the Obama administration and a Democratic Congress played politics with lives of ordinary Americans.

Americans aren’t taking too kindly to another Stimulus (neither are economists). I bet the focus groups are scaring the hell out of Democrats right now. Americans are frightened at the spending, understand that the Cap-N-Trade is another big Control and Tax scheme and see the Democrats now wanting to monkey with small business (Card Check) and health care. People are backing away in horror, just as Democrats are thinking about reelection.

Is it possible to be a lame duck one year into office? President Obama is burning through political capital like he’s burning through tax payer money. He seems to think both are never-ending giving trees.


LL July 14, 2009 at 1:23 PM  

So long as the state-run media backs his play and they can sing to the gypsy violin every time he speaks, the public will go along to get along.

The Fourth Estate has completely betrayed the American people. Obama is running on the theory that "you can fool all of the people some of the time" and betting on running it out 4.5 years so he can really trash the country completely.

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