Friday, July 17, 2009

A Lesson In Morality from Bill Clinton

Apparently, sometime this past February, Bill Clinton was asked if he would consider staying at home and being a "house husband." His response? No, "I'm too much of a Calvinist" to not work.

I missed the original interview (which apparently played on CNN, which is why I missed it), but saw a replay of the response on O'Reilly the other night.

So this got me to thinking ...

Clinton has said, in effect, he'll cheat on his wife with an underage intern, he'll smoke joints, he'll support abortion ... basically, he's willing to break just about every one of the ten commandments. But, even Bill Clinton considers it to be immoral to sit at home and not work while he is still capable and able bodied.

How interesting.

What does this say about the morality of those who ARE willing to sit at home and simply collect a welfare check while other Americans work hard and pay taxes to support them?


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