Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hope and Change and Faith

Obama still hasn't picked a new Church to go to. I guess there must be a shortage of churches in Washington.

Watching Bill O'Reilly tonight, O'Reilly defended Obama saying that Reagan wasn't a religious man and didn't attend church regularly while president. True. The difference is that Reagan didn't make a big deal about his Muslim ... er ... Christian faith during the campaign.

Here is where O'Reilly is wrong:

We don't necessarily need a president who attends church on a regular basis. (Although, I would certainly prefer that) We do, however, need a president whose rhetoric matches up with his actions. In more areas than faith, Obama's rhetoric is completely opposite of his actions. Clearly Obama used Christianity and faith as a tool to get elected. That sort of hypocrisy is what the left is always accusing Republicans of. There has never been a more blatant example of a Christian hypocrite.


Z July 12, 2009 at 9:30 PM  

Well, I live by Reagan's church in LA and, trust me, they were THERE when they were in town.
I'm with you...don't TELL us "I'll be finding a church in January" then settle, six months later, for the CampDavid Church ..what, in SIX MONTHS, you can't find a church you like, DC??? He sure DID use it as a tool...
And O'Reilly goes SO far trying to be FAIR he looks like a dope, in my opinion.
I'm waiting to see Michelle accompany him on a Islamic country far, she's 0 for 3, but has gone everywhere else.

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